I Tried a Merlot and I Liked It

May 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

One of the perks of having friends in the food business is … food. And another perk is wine. I got a call last week that a local distributor had dropped off some samples of their merchandise and I booked it over to take advantage of the goods. In the spirit of spontaneity I decided I would go out of my comfort zone and be open to trying anything. Normally I stick to Cabernets or Pinot Noirs; Merlots seeming heavy and daunting. But I picked a bottle at random and blindly poured myself a tasting-appropriate-sized glassful. It smelled oak-ey and inviting so I sipped it and was enjoying the light, warm, somewhat fruity tastes until it was brought to my attention that what I was so casually delighting in was–gasp–a Merlot!

Estancia Merlot

I’ve since purchased it to enjoy inappriately-large glassfuls in the comfort of my own home and at approx. $13 a bottle, there’s no reason you can’t try a Merlot too!! Go nuts, kids, it’s Friday.


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