Gardening -101

May 31, 2012 § Leave a comment

Living in New York, I never had any sort of outdoor space of my own, so when our place here came with a little 2×4 plot, the visions started:  Clearly I would cultivate this land into perfect, grid-like rows that produced all the spring and summer produce we could handle (“Yes, the blueberries in this pie came right from our garden”)! In reality, I picked out some seed packets at Whole Foods and dropped them on the ground. The silver lining is, I’ve already learned so much!

1. Seedlings can actually be planted in pots. This is helpful because you can start them inside when it is still too cold. I also have a feeling that herbs that prefer sun should stay in pots so you can move them around based on the lighting. Just putting 1 and 1 together.

2. Mint supposedly takes over shiz, so beware.

3. Every site I read says an herb garden should be planted in an area with good drainage as no herbs will grow in wet soil. Unfortunately, I’ve yet to figure out how to test drainage, so I interpret this as “Don’t water often.”

If you’ve been considering a similar no-maintenance herb garden, here are my results:

My cilantro is off the heez. It sprouted easily, grew tall and is absolutely delicious, I use it all the time.

My chives and basil have yet to blossom. At this point, I can’t even weed because I don’t know if it is herb or a weed until I yank it out to smell it and it is too late.


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