On The Trail

June 29, 2012 § 2 Comments

Yesterday we hiked an absolutely GORGEOUS trail. Hanging Lake is  a  mile high trail in Glenwood Canyon so named for the beautiful bowl-like basin and waterfalls hanging on the side of the cliffs. It is a National Natural Landmark with a delicate ecosystem so the water is turquoise as no visitors may dip in.

I am by no means an experienced hiker and this trail was difficult in its incline but manageable with the tots we had in tow (not my kids). I found when I finished the way down, I was famished despite having lunch just a few hours before. I immediately took to Pinterest to find some trail mix inspirations. As trail mix has to be the easiest and most flexible thing to put together, I definitely did not want anything that required turning on the oven (especially since it is so hot all over!).

These were some of the ones I found that would be tasty and easily replicated:

The Picky Apple Trail Mix – I love the pumpkin seeds and coconut.

Snack Happy Trail Mix – Pistachios were a nice change from just almonds or peanuts.

Energy Trail Mix – The dried papaya and pineapple are quintessential trail mix components to me.

Glow Trail Mix – I’ve never tried goji berries but I hear great things and I love dark chocolate over m&m’s.

I think my ideal trail mix would include a mix of the following:

almonds +walnuts + pistachios+ pumpkin seeds + shredded coconut + dried pineapple + dark chocolate chips+ raisins


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