Tayst, Nashville

July 18, 2012 § Leave a comment

To wrap up a whirlwind trip in Nashville, we finished with a tasting menu at… Tayst. I love Chef Jeremy Barlow’s commitment to sustainability and he outlines his philosophy in his “Chefs Can Save the World” (which has been sitting on my coffee table for weeks but now I am definitely going to dig in). After an eye-opening discussion in Aspen about the importance of using local farms with safe growing techniques, I am trying to become much more conscientious about my food choices and interested in learning where it comes from. The menu is designed to offer you different “taysts” in a meal progression.

We started with a white but this Pinot Noir was excellent – Pali

The atmosphere itself is pretty clean and minimalist inside and you can definitely taste the love and care that goes into the food at Tayst. We were surprised with each of the five courses which is one of my favorite ways to eat.

Ok, this wasn’t a course but I want to try to replicate this. I think this was made from white beans and the texture was sort of like hummus. I’d love to try something similar at home. With garlic…mmm…

Smoked salmon with brie, seaweed and a pickled root vegetable, I can’t remember which one (is that terrible?)

This was a really nice white fish that was fried but not too heavy. I LOVED the fried capers it was served with it, they were salty and crunchy. I’ve been frying chickpeas lately and wonder if the process would be similar.

Pork Belly with honey, basil and cherry tomatoes. I never would think to pair honey with a meat but the sweetness was great with the rich pork belly.

I normally don’t go for ham but this was really good. It was salty and had a hearty, meaty texture rather than the thin, slimy one I associate with the lunch meat. Served over lentils.

Blueberry cobbler with either crème fraîche or hand made whipped cream (it’s all slipping away now!)

I think my favorite dish had to be… the ham! Well I don’t know about you, but I’m surprised. As I mentioned, I’m never one to really go for ham (I can’t help but think of schoolkids’ warm, smushed ham sandwiches in a brown paper bag in a locker… nauseating) so I’m glad that I was forced to give it a try.


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