Interim, Memphis TN

July 24, 2012 § Leave a comment

Last week, we took a short day trip to a new TN town for me, Memphis. Even though it was 2000° 102° outside, I managed to pry myself out of the car for long enough to take one touristy photo.

Memphis Pyramid Arena. Currently Being converted into a Bass Pro Shop. And it is bigger than the statue of Liberty.

The rest of my free time I spent trying to figure out how to get to Mud Island and by the time I learned it was just a quick 10-15 minute walk across a bridge, I had about 30 minutes to be back out by Germantown. Maybe next time.

The whole feel of the restaurant followed this entrance- clean, modern, minimalist (look at the door).

The good news is, I managed to get an excellent meal in (always). We were treated to a wonderful dinner at Interim restaurant by my fiancé’s amazing grandparents. They picked the spot based on Chef Jackson Kramer, who is  native to Memphis, and his gorgeous open kitchen that lets the dining room see just how their food is being prepared.

No heat lamps!

I swear there were more people back there, I guess I scared them off with my camera.


And the food is so good, they have nothing to hide! At our table we had the Cheese Board to start (with sweet blueberries and figs, oh my!), the House Salad, Stuffed Mountain Trout, Angus Beef Filet, Beef Short Ribs, and the Duck Breast. All were delicious. We were there somewhat early on a Friday but the house was pretty full (especially with some private parties that they have in separate rooms) so if you plan on going, I would call in and make a reservation just in case.

Surprise! The House Salad has fried artichokes! Who would’ve thought?

Ready to dig in. Look at the size of those portions! We had plenty leftover.




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