Pecan Bars

July 25, 2012 § 6 Comments

Of course I couldn’t go to Memphis empty-handed. A certain someone I know “isn’t really a cookie person” (I didn’t know those people existed) and I knew a cake wasn’t going to make the 3 hour drive un-smushed, so I settled on the more stable pecan bar. I thought Smitten Kitchen’s pecan squares post was adorable and hysterical but this was my first attempt and 9 sticks of butter sounds intimidating so I opted for Claire Robinson’s recipe which uses just 5 ingredients. 5!

That looks like plenty o’ butter for me.

Do you ever get so excited about trying something new that your run out and buy all the ingredients without reading through the directions? I hate when I do that, and here comes the really embarrassing confession for someone who likes to fancy themselves as useful in the kitchen: I don’t own a mixer (those things are like $400!).

Hand whipped at maximum speed.

So there were many times throughout the course of making these bars when I just thought, “Wrong. Wrong, this is all wrong. They’re going to be terrible.” You may also fear this but let me tell you– these were insanely delicious. The texture was perfect. Even if you think they look like they could blow up your oven, they won’t and you will wind up averaging 4 a day.

The tin foil makes for extremely easy clean-up.

This thing was bubbling when I took it out of the oven. BUBBLING like my nephew’s spit (hopefully the analogy will knock one bar from your count list).

I would let these cool for at least an hour.

I mean look at that ratio– it’s PERFECT.

So ta-da. Easy pecan bars using no basic, essential fancy-shmancy tools and just 5 ingredients!


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