Mom’s French Toast

August 14, 2012 § Leave a comment

Sometimes you just crave the foods you grew up on. Like any 13-year-old girl normal, adult woman will tell you, a birthday is not really a day but rather, can extend into a series of events all revolving around the “birthday girl.” In this spirit, I trekked up to Philadelphia to continue to celebrate my now long-gone birthday with family and friends. Lucky for me, I was treated to exactly what I was looking for–my mom’s french toast.

Perfect with bacon and eggs.

As this is a mom recipe, it is not measured or recorded but rather eyeballed and felt so I took my camera to document the process. What I love about this version is that there is one bowl and a skillet involved. I can definitely manage that clean-up.

Match the egg count to how many people you are feeding. For 4 people, we used 4 eggs (two slices per person)

Then milk is added and whisked together.

I would say about 1/2 cup for 4 eggs.

The real secret is a dash of cinnamon and a drop of vanilla extract.

About 1/2 tsp cinnamon and 1 tsp vanilla.

Once you dip the bread (I like a hearty, grainy variety for texture), it’s off to a heated skillet to brown on each side.

About 5 minutes per side should do the trick over medium.

Add some butter and heated syrup and a sprinkle of confetioners sugar and you are good to go.

And yes, I still get a “It’s Your Special Day” plate.

If you are hungry for more (HA) be sure to check out my guest post today on the fabulous Once In a Blue Room blog  (while the beautiful Emily is away in England-jealy). She is style and design oriented so everything on there is adorable, fabulous or genius–usually all 3!


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