Etch, Nashville

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Last week saw the opening of Etch, the new restaurant from Deb Paquette of Nashville’s Zola. I wanted to make sure I got in early to try it, especially before it gets too crowded–the space looks out over the construction of Nashville’s new enormous convention center and hotels. Once the mega-complex is up and running next spring, this place is sure to see plenty of business. The staff was really friendly and the space was easy and sleek.

Octopus and Shrimp Bruschetta, and Butter tasting: truffle butter, smoked plugra, butter, goat butter, duck butter

To start, shots of assorted butters. My favorite was the smoked plugra which is a European version of butter made with a higher butterfat content than most butters (of course that’s my favorite) for a very dense flavor. Runner up was the truffle butter which was more subtle than truffle oil. The bruschetta was also great and the octopus was cooked perfectly.

Ratatouille Crudo – carpaccio squash, zucchini, fennel, champignons, provencal herbs, olive oil, eggplant salt, red bell tomato essence, parmesan

The salad we ordered was good–nothing to write home about but it definitely served the purpose of giving us some veggies in between courses so we had something light and crunchy that still tasted better than I could make it at home.

Filet – mushroom pain perdu, smoked red wine gravy, asparagus whisps, rosemary, duck butter

Come. For. This. Filet. The meat is perfectly tender and pink and warm on the inside. But the mushroom pain perdu takes this over the edge. I wasn’t really sure what to expect but it was layers of mushroom and bread that tasted like  mellow, earthy stuffing. And I don’t know about you, but it seems like my family hoards stuffing at dinners it is so beloved.

Moulard Duck Breast – Moroccan spiced, carrot pear sauce, ginger grits, tangerine butter, harissa cranberries, cinnamon crumble and tangerine butter

Speaking of family dinners, the duck was Thanksgiving dinner on a plate. The combination of flavors between the ginger grits, cranberries and carrot pear sauce (similar to sweet potatoes) were sweet and made sense, but I think they were a little too fally for our Aug. 31 meal. We should probably come back in a month or two and try it again.

We finished off with some ice cream. I forgot to photograph but what is good to know is, at Etch, ask and you shall receive. We didn’t hear lemongrass ice cream listed in the sorbets of the day but when another desert had something similar, we asked if we could try just that. And they delivered. The lemongrass ice cream was just the right amount of refreshing–but then it was served over white chocolate crumble which brought it to a whole new level adding sweetness and crunch. I think they should definitely add it to the menu.


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