Marché Artisan Foods, East Nashville

November 6, 2012 § Leave a comment

We finished the trip with brunch at Marché Artisan Foods in historic East Nashville. I’d heard wonderful things and when we showed up to a packed house at 9:10 when they opened at 9:00, I knew this was going to be good. This place was BUSTLING this early, I couldn’t believe it. Lots of kids/families and a really friendly energy fill the place. There is a bakery/coffee area if you want to purchase some baked goods or specialty breads while you wait for your table (which we did) and watch all the food get carried out by the waiters so you can drool over what you want.

We were seated after the first wave left, about 20 minutes.  The menu changes daily but I’m sure there are always fresh, great choices.

I know it seems simple but the eggs just looked so fresh and fluffy, I couldn’t resist a basic: scrambled eggs, sausage and grits.

This french toast was nice and light with the right amount of sweetness and no overwhelming stuffing (not that I don’t like a good cream-cheese stuffed french toast every once in a while)

Oooh these roasted potatoes are so, so good. Buttery and soft, why don’t mine turn out the same? Either way, I still went out and bought some red potatoes tonight; must’ve been on the brain

I can’t personally attest to this Meatloaf sandwich since I didn’t try but if it’s line with the rest of the menu, I’m sure to the meatloaf-lover this is delicious.

Going to Marche is a really nice way to start the day and I will definitely be coming back for breakfasts to come!


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