Interim, Memphis TN

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Last week, we took a short day trip to a new TN town for me, Memphis. Even though it was 2000° 102° outside, I managed to pry myself out of the car for long enough to take one touristy photo.

Memphis Pyramid Arena. Currently Being converted into a Bass Pro Shop. And it is bigger than the statue of Liberty.

The rest of my free time I spent trying to figure out how to get to Mud Island and by the time I learned it was just a quick 10-15 minute walk across a bridge, I had about 30 minutes to be back out by Germantown. Maybe next time.

The whole feel of the restaurant followed this entrance- clean, modern, minimalist (look at the door).

The good news is, I managed to get an excellent meal in (always). We were treated to a wonderful dinner at Interim restaurant by my fiancé’s amazing grandparents. They picked the spot based on Chef Jackson Kramer, who is  native to Memphis, and his gorgeous open kitchen that lets the dining room see just how their food is being prepared.

No heat lamps!

I swear there were more people back there, I guess I scared them off with my camera.


And the food is so good, they have nothing to hide! At our table we had the Cheese Board to start (with sweet blueberries and figs, oh my!), the House Salad, Stuffed Mountain Trout, Angus Beef Filet, Beef Short Ribs, and the Duck Breast. All were delicious. We were there somewhat early on a Friday but the house was pretty full (especially with some private parties that they have in separate rooms) so if you plan on going, I would call in and make a reservation just in case.

Surprise! The House Salad has fried artichokes! Who would’ve thought?

Ready to dig in. Look at the size of those portions! We had plenty leftover.




Tavern Brunch, Nashville

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Let me just start by saying I love any atmosphere that’s conducive to cocktails. I’d been to Tavern before to enjoy the later bar scene and small plates but when the suggestion came up for brunch, I was interested to the see if the scene was the same. With just a wee wait (even with a party of 5!), we were able get one of those large, wraparound booths perfect for people watching or concentrating on what seems to be the national bowling championships on ESPN (it was a lot more exciting than it sounds) on one of their enormous TV’s. The crowd was good-looking, well-dressed and in my expert opinion, down for a drink. The menu had some different options outside the eggs-benedict-box which I was excited to see (i.e. Singapore Stir-Fry) and all in all it was a great brunch experience. I would definitely return.

Ok, these weren’t actually on the menu but hey, when a girl’s gotta have cheese fries, she’s gotta have cheese fries. They were nice enough to comply and the cheese was a delicious, spicy dip that could definitely double as queso.

Singapore Stir-Fry. Why is rice from restaurants so sticky and perfect?? I can never get that texture at home. The flavors were sort of similar to take-out fried rice but it tasted healthier and the bite of cilantro really brightened it up.

Can never go wrong with a good ole’ bacon cheeseburger.

Huevos Rancheros are normally my go-to so I was so glad when someone else at the table ordered them. Cheese and tortilla in a skillet. Yum.

I don’t know about you but I love getting something sweet to share among the table at brunch. Blueberry Cornmeal Waffle does the trick.





Tayst, Nashville

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To wrap up a whirlwind trip in Nashville, we finished with a tasting menu at… Tayst. I love Chef Jeremy Barlow’s commitment to sustainability and he outlines his philosophy in his “Chefs Can Save the World” (which has been sitting on my coffee table for weeks but now I am definitely going to dig in). After an eye-opening discussion in Aspen about the importance of using local farms with safe growing techniques, I am trying to become much more conscientious about my food choices and interested in learning where it comes from. The menu is designed to offer you different “taysts” in a meal progression.

We started with a white but this Pinot Noir was excellent – Pali

The atmosphere itself is pretty clean and minimalist inside and you can definitely taste the love and care that goes into the food at Tayst. We were surprised with each of the five courses which is one of my favorite ways to eat.

Ok, this wasn’t a course but I want to try to replicate this. I think this was made from white beans and the texture was sort of like hummus. I’d love to try something similar at home. With garlic…mmm…

Smoked salmon with brie, seaweed and a pickled root vegetable, I can’t remember which one (is that terrible?)

This was a really nice white fish that was fried but not too heavy. I LOVED the fried capers it was served with it, they were salty and crunchy. I’ve been frying chickpeas lately and wonder if the process would be similar.

Pork Belly with honey, basil and cherry tomatoes. I never would think to pair honey with a meat but the sweetness was great with the rich pork belly.

I normally don’t go for ham but this was really good. It was salty and had a hearty, meaty texture rather than the thin, slimy one I associate with the lunch meat. Served over lentils.

Blueberry cobbler with either crème fraîche or hand made whipped cream (it’s all slipping away now!)

I think my favorite dish had to be… the ham! Well I don’t know about you, but I’m surprised. As I mentioned, I’m never one to really go for ham (I can’t help but think of schoolkids’ warm, smushed ham sandwiches in a brown paper bag in a locker… nauseating) so I’m glad that I was forced to give it a try.

Red Pony, Franklin

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As I mentioned below, my mom was in town last week. I wanted to show off Nashville and how great the whole area is so I made sure that we went in to Franklin one night for dinner. Franklin has a picture perfect historic downtown–so perfect Justin Bieber even filmed  a music video here (watch at your own risk). The boutiques are great and the restaurants excellent so it was a no-brainer. We decided on Red Pony–I love it’s sophisticated yet cool and funky vibe plus great cocktails and an ever-changing menu.

The Shrimp & Grits are a signature here and they are so rich and delicious. My mom just had to order while she was in the South

Garden Enchiladas. That baked cheese needs no caption.

They had me at Parmesan Chimichurri. Ordered with a side of Blue Cheese-Sweet Corn Risotto

Here we are. We also ordered the Beef Tenderloin Pizza to start and that was one of my favorite dishes of the night. Also, the ‘Killin’ Me Smalls’ Martini is to DIE for



Garcia’s and Goodbye Carbondale, CO!

July 7, 2012 § 4 Comments

After three weeks in paradise full of this:

It is time to say goodbye. I am savoring one last bit of my vacation with a final post about the delicious food they have in Carbondale, CO. While there are so many amazing, unique restaurants out there–Phat Thai, Six 89— I wanted to write about a new spot I was turned on to this trip that had us coming back day after day for lunch.

It is very easy to miss Garcia’s off Highway 82; your eye may skip over the nondescript sign and small stand-alone building. But inside is some of the most savory, authentic Mexican food you can find. Order from the counter and then head past the panadería and the carnicería to the small bodega in the back to pay your ticket.

I’ve never been to Mexico but I imagine their diners look something like this. With self-serve housemade Mango Juice in a jug, of course.

Steak Torta. The bread used for this sandwich tastes like the cinnamon you smell baking in some sort of delicious sweet bread in the store.

If you go, you MUST try the Quesadilla Ranchero. I literally ordered at least one of these EVERY SINGLE TIME I went in. No exceptions.

Return to NY Part 2

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When I wasn’t reveling in meat in NY (see post below), I was meeting up with all my friends that I left in the city. Mostly we did this in restaurants so I had more meals per day than should be legal. The food in New York is just too good to pass up so I pressed on. Here are some highlights:

Tacombi is a taco shack in the heart of SoHo that serves up awesome sangria and the delicious fried fish tacos. Perfect for a girls night.

Yummy, crispy fried fish tacos. Order more than you think you want

Eataly is an absolute must-see if you are visiting. Part-market, part- restaurants, part-coffee shop, part-rooftop beer garden… the list goes on–if it is Italian food, it will be here. The crowd is a nice mix of New Yorkers and visitors so the vibe is really nice.

The panini was on soft, fresh bread with tomatoes that were bursting and mozzarella that I watched them make in the room next door.

Friend of a Farmer has a cozy, countryside feel and is in gorgeous, quiet Gramercy area. You can literally smell the bread as it bakes.

From top: Can I Move In?; Mac & Cheese; Taylor’s Tasty Toast; Farmer’s Special

Momofuku Ssam Bar is possibly my favorite Momofuku restaurant because the menu is diverse enough but not overwhelming and the atmosphere is lively and fun while still getting really high quality food. Plus it is right across the street from their dessert spot, Milk Bar.

From top: Pork Buns (order more than you think you want, these things are legendary. I dream about them.); Veal Sweetbreads; Crack Pie (people actually form addictions, it is chewy and sweet and dense and awesome); Cereal Milk Ice Cream w/ Corn Flakes Crunch;

All in all, I had a fabulous weekend in New York, and this is just a small glimpse of what the city has to offer. If you are planning a visit and looking for recommendations, please feel free to shoot me an email and I can send you over a more tailored list based on location, price, cuisine type etc.

Five, Birmingham AL

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I promised to share some of the amazing food I had in Birmingham this weekend.  One meal that stood out was at the newly opened Five (second location, first is in Tuscaloosa).The atmosphere is sort of fancy-cabaret-saloon with lots of gorgeous chandeliers and their antique bar.

I love the  concept of simplicity–there are five options for each category: five appetizers, five red wines, five entrees etc. Our party of 4 was able to make a pretty good dent in the menu and of the approximately 80% we tried, 100% was delicious.

Poisons: Black & Blue Mojito; Prose

Trio d’Appetizers: Uptown Shrimp; Asian Chicken; Baked Avocado

From Top Left : Duck Tacos, Paneed Chicken, Stuffed Shrimp, Bone-In Pork Chop,

White Chocolate Bread Pudding

The link to the menu wasn’t working from their site but don’t worry, I stalked it out for you here–the descriptions are just too good to miss but too many details to include in my lowly lil’ blog.

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